Retirement Security Advisory Council




Plan Design

We take several approaches to design


Discussion of your objectives, we have a series of probing targeted questions that help us understand your goals


            Your Objectives maybe:

·         Maximize your contributions/ benefits

·         Maximize contributions/ benefits for key classes of employees

·         Provide an environment to help employees save for retirement

·         Divide the profits of the company proportionately based on employee effort and contribution to the company’s success

·         Allocate the profits of the company to all employees


Our Tools:

·         We can use combinations of the following to meet your goals

o   Employee contributions like; Pre-tax 401(k) and Roth 401(k)

o   Employer contributions like; Matching, Safe Harbor, and/ or Employer Discretionary contributions

·         The allocation of employer contributions can provide flexibility

·         Defined benefit plans can be set up as tiered allocations, targeted retirement benefit, budgeted amounts or a Cash Balance plan.


Plan design also includes; plan entry requirements, excluded employees, loans, normal retrement age or distributions.


Plan design is putting the pieces together in a unified matter.  It can be a continuous process as the company's demographics change as new key employees are hired, and as the goals of the retirement plan change so should the design.


Compliance is an essential matter that must be addresses continuously, as part of our base fee we will ensure your plan document remains in compliance with current tax laws.  If a regulation is newly enacted we will inform you of its possible benefits or required plan amendment.  Drafting and delivering required plan amendments are part of our base services that include a plan document.


We work with your financial advisor, accountant, company contact, business owners and payroll vendors to create a smooth operating system.    The administration includes the compliance testing, delivery of information/forms/reports, requesting relevant information and timeliness of communication.

Our execution is hands on

Administration Forms Package included with Administration Services.  Complete Administration Services, Consultation, Non-Discrimination testing, Top-Heavy testing, ADP/ ACP testing, 410(b), 401(a)(4), Cross-testing, New Comparability, Employer Discretionary Contribution, Safe Harbor Contribution, Employee Notices, preparation of Form 5500/5500SF with applicable schedules and attachments.   We can create administration workflows specific to your plan design and office environment.
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